Physio for active professionals. Excel at work and on the sports field.

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When you pick up an injury, as a time-crunched professional it can be hard to make time for treatment. 

At Hyde Park Physiotherapy we empower you to overcome the injury, working with you to build a personalised recovery plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and training goals. We aim to achieve great recovery, without you missing a beat, so you can get back to the hustle – work, train, play, repeat! 

(Previously Liza Lambert Physiotherapy, Hyde Park Physiotherapy is now home to Carmen Baier Physiotherapy)


Physiotherapy centrally located in Sandton, within Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre


+27 11 325 4134

Pain | Sports Injury | Pilates

A photo of the physiotherapy treatment area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy, showing a treatment bed and rehab area.
Carmen Baier, Physiotherapist and Owner at Hyde Park Physiotherapy
Photo of the rehab area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy showing an exercise mat, a large Pilates ball, and a mirror