A photo of a Pilates Reformer and Tower in the Hyde Park Physiotherapy Pilates area

Sometimes movement and sports performance suffer if your core is weak, or if you have poor movement coordination or balance. Our Pilates is taught by physiotherapists. We focus on safety, building strength for each person’s sport’s needs, and optimizing performance. We use Matwork, Reformer, and/or Tower programming to keep each session fun, challenging, and moving you towards your goals. So you can move well and perform with confidence.


Pilates services we offer:


Pilates Reformer Private Class

Pilates Matwork Private Class

Pilates Tower Private Class

Pilates SpineFitter Private Class

We only provide one-on-one Pilates classes at Hyde Park Physiotherapy. The focus of each session is on building a strong movement foundation, and tailoring sessions to your movement – or sport performance! – needs. 

We typically use a variety of equipment and apparatus in each session – this is often dictated by your unique goals. But Pilates is fun too! And to keep it enjoyable, we keep your preferences in mind too…working with you to achieve movement success. 


Pilates rates:


Pilates Intro Session (45min) – R380*

Pilates Session (45min) – R800*

*Pilates is charged at a cash rate, and may not be fully covered by your medical aid. We do an assessment at your first session to determine your rehab needs, and to better understand your overall health. 


What is Pilates?


Pilates is a system of movement originally designed to rehab dancers and boost their performance. It works systematically building up awareness and control, especially through the core and torso. Then it adds controlled movement through different movement sections of your body.

Pilates encourages functional use of your full core – including breathing and the diaphragm – in movement. The progressions help to reinforce healthy movement patterns in your brain.

You learn how to keep one part of your body stable while another moves around it, to fluidly move through straight and spiral movements. And then how to integrate full movement patterns together, moving with strength and control through a functional chain of body segments.


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Photo of the Pilates area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy showing a Pilates Reformer, general rehabilitation equipment, and a shelf in the background
A photo of an exercise mat, resistance band, small Pilates ball, and mirror in the Hyde Park Physiotherapy rehab area
Photo of the Hyde Park Physiotherapy Pilates area showing a Pilates Reformer against bright windows.