Photo of the rehab area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy showing an exercise mat, a large Pilates ball, and a mirror

At Hyde Park Physiotherapy, we’re here to guide your recovery. Our physiotherapists specialize in creating tailored recovery plans that seamlessly fit into your fast-paced lifestyle. Our goal is simple: to get you back to work, training, and play with minimal downtime. 

We’ll support your journey to recovery, ensuring that your injuries don’t hold you back.

Hyde Park Physiotherapy is an musculoskeletal and sport physiotherapy practice. Carmen Baier treats a wide variety of conditions, and has special interest in sports injuries and orthopaedic rehab. She uses sports massage and private Pilates-classes to enhance treatment where needed. 

This page will provide you with the an overview of what you can expect from Hyde Park Physiotherapy. The practice focuses on professional, in-depth assessments, followed by a hands-on approach to treatment.  

Services we offer:

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Pain Management

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Stress Management

Sports Massage

Pilates Private Classes* (Reformer, Matwork, Tower, and SpineFitter)


From Physiotherapy Sessions, you can expect:

Individual treatments (therefore no double booking)

Sessions are scheduled for 40 – 45 minutes

Comprehensive assessment on your first appointment – Carmen believes that once you have identified the root cause of your symptoms, it’s much easier to get you better

Hands-on and exercise treatment approach (sometimes with 10 minutes of electrotherapy at the end of your session, time allowing)

Quality treatments based on the latest medical and physiotherapy research

Follow-up treatments scheduled based on your individual needs

Exercises as appropriate for your symptoms and that will fit into your busy life.

Preventative care and advice to reduce the risk of re-injury.


Making life easier for you: see Carmen’s diary online and book directly.


*These services are not physiotherapy sessions. They will not be covered in full by medical aid.

+27 11 325 4134

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Photo of the rehab area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy showing an exercise mat, a plyometric-step, and kettlebells
A photo of the Hyde Park Physiotherapy treatment area showing a treatment bed, with a shelf and table in the background that are holding physiotherapy equipment.
Photo of the Pilates area at Hyde Park Physiotherapy showing a Pilates Reformer, general rehabilitation equipment, and a shelf in the background