Your physiotherapy treatments are based on the specific symptoms you present with. Our physiotherapists are trained in orthopedic manipulative and sport treatments.

We assess and treat (but are not limited to) the following conditions:
-Neck pain
-Headaches, including management of tension type headaches, sinus headaches or mixed headaches.
-Sinusitis physiotherapy
-Dizziness when deriving from the neck, the spine or the muscles in the neck area
-Nerve related pain deriving from the neck, including pins and needles or pain in the arm, elbow or hand
-TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) pain and symptoms or any symptoms deriving from your jaw area (pain, clicking or locking)
-Back pain
-Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) problems, including pain management during pregnancy or after giving birth
-Sciatica, ‘slipped disc’ or other referred leg pain (pins and needles, weakness or strange sensations in your legs or feet)
-Sport injuries, including kinesiology sport taping when needed
-Muscle strains and aches, including dry needling for muscle spasms when needed
-Ligament tears
-Knee pain, including muscle strains, ITB syndrome, ligament tears or strains (such as cruciate ligament ruptures), meniscus tears and patello-femoral pain syndrome. We also manage post-operative patients to decrease pain and stiffness as well as rehabilitate you back to sport or full functional status.
-Ankle or calf pain and other symptoms
-Shoulder pain which includes rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries (dislocations, muscle tears, frozen shoulder or arthritis). We also treat shoulders post-operatively allowing you a quick and safe recovery.
-Arm or elbow pain including tennis or golfer’s elbow
-Chest pain (that originates from the middle back or rib area and is differentiated from cardiac or vital organ referrals during our first assessment)
-Wrist pain including carpal tunnel syndrome

For children (2+yrs) or adults, our physiotherapists are well qualified to treat any respiratory condition (chest infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, asthma, chronic lung diseases and COPD). 

This is a brief summary of conditions physiotherapists at Hyde Park Physiotherapy can treat. Please contact us to make an appointment for an assessment. Even if your symptoms are not listed in the above paragraph, we will do an assessment to evaluate whether your symptoms can be treated conservatively with physiotherapy or we will refer you appropriately.

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